chapter  7
Implementing Global Concepts in Your School
ByBecky Hunt
Pages 8

To illustrate how Global Concepts works, the chapter explains the story of three very different schools that have successfully used the Global Concepts and adapted them to their own school's unique culture, programs, and curriculum. The Global Concepts were first used in 1998 at Lincoln International Studies School, a Title I Public School, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The chapter develops the Magnet School theme and curriculum based on five Global Concepts from the Michigan Social Studies Standards. Teachers created lessons to introduce each concept. Classrooms had their own International Address and classroom environments reflected the culture of the country that class represented. As concepts were introduced teachers applied them not only to their International Address, but across the curriculum. Teachers identified multicultural books for each concept and used shared reading time during our literacy block to read and discuss the stories that illustrated each Global Concept.