chapter  5
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Choosing to change in the face of the unknown

ByDavid Bentley

In an organisational setting, deliberate change programmes which will, by definition, be intended to have the best of positive effects are set into an ongoing background of change. Organisationally, any change involves a jump into the unknown. However carefully planned and researched a proposed change may be, the eventual outcome will be unknown at the point of making the change. As interrelated systems change and the fitness of the interacting individuals changes, the contours of each system's landscape will change. In a patched network, the overall connectivity of the system remains the same but the assessment of progress against the objective, in response to changes in the status of any of the bulbs, is made within that patch. If, though, connections are weakened, the system will tend to move away from the 'edge of chaos' to a more stable state where patterns of behaviour are endlessly repeated.