chapter  7
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Putting choice at the centre of change management

Easing the path to change
ByDavid Bentley

Change, in any context, will only be effective if those involved make the choice to make that change. A conscious choice that allows the reforming of their unconscious reality. To say, then, that change is a matter of choice and that it is essentially an unconscious and largely irrational act would seem to imply that change management is at best ill-conceived or at worst a waste of time. This chapter considers how the management view of the change process has developed over the course of the twentieth century and is now the dominant thinking on how change management should be done. Change management is seen very much as a project to be managed, with great stress being placed on the need for planning and communication. Kurt Lewin's view of change reflects a time when change could be viewed more easily as a discrete event. So, change leadership or management is an ongoing, continuous activity.