chapter  4
The role of change manager
WithWilliam J. Rothwell, Carolyn K. Hohne, Stephen B. King
Pages 22

Taken together, the role, competencies, and work outputs of the change manager are essentially descriptive of a project manager. Some change managers will find it helpful to visit the key stakeholders to secure their support for the effort and to gain their insights about what must be done to achieve those results. When a team is assembled to implement a performance improvement intervention, the change manager must help the team members progress through the predictable stages of any small group. The change manager's role during forming stage should thus be to clarify the background and help members of the team become familiar with each other and the contributions they can make. The change manager's role during norming stage is to ensure that team members communicate and to periodically collect information that can be compared to the project milestones. The change manager should help guide team members through the adjournment stage by serving as a leader.