chapter  4
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The Dawn Tower

Project profile
ByRafael Sacks, Samuel Korb, Ronen Barak

The Dawn Tower project, located in Giva’atayim, Israel, was developed by Tidhar Ltd and a private investment group whose members were the individual owners of apartments or offices in the building. The tower was built of reinforced concrete with self-climbing forms for the core, a self-climbing concrete pump boom and three luffing jib tower cranes. Columns and beams were poured in situ, and the slabs were composed of hollow-core precast panels. The foundation was a concrete raft and a 1.2 metre thick transition slab was used to change the structural grid at the interface between the office tower and the residential tower it. Tidhar’s project team included a project manager, three zone managers, four construction engineers, seven site superintendents, a building systems engineer and a logistics supervisor.