chapter  5
The implementation of ENP programs in Morocco and Tunisia
The role of administration and its capacity
ByFontana Iole
Pages 24

This chapter analyses the role of administrative actors in Morocco and Tunisia and how they affected the implementation of the ENP programs on the ground before and after 2011. For this purpose, a general analysis of Moroccan and Tunisian administrative capacity is first carried out. The chapter shows that the capacity of administration was extremely important with respect to the implementation of EU programs and absorption of funds. More specifically, good performance and funds absorption occurred only as long as administration was capable and stable enough to implement the reforms (e.g. the ENP programs to support alphabetisation and the INDH in Morocco). Moroccan authorities have embarked on a big reform process mainly focused on the modernisation of administration, efficiency and transparency in the management of budget resources, as well as on the management of human resources and the simplification of procedures through e-government.