chapter  9
32 Pages

Technology and the changing face of warfare

WithRichard W. Mansbach, Kirsten L. Taylor

This chapter examines the critical role that technology and strategy play in global politics. America's deterrence strategy was repeatedly refined to make threats more credible in response to changing circumstances and technologies. It examines how technology affects all realms of global politics, including military strategy. The chapter discusses the impact of technology in the nuclear age, focusing on the arms race between the US and USSR. Although nuclear weapons have not been used in combat since World War Two, conventional warfare is almost as violent. During World War One, additional innovations further transformed the nature of warfare. Some observers believe that even the most high-tech weapons are ineffective in fighting terrorism or guerrilla warfare. Despite the decreasing incidence of interstate war, traditional threats to national security still exist. The chapter concludes by examining the use of technology in modern warfare, focusing on highly precise and sometimes automated smart weapons and the growing challenge of cyberwar and cyberattacks.