chapter  Chapter 21
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ByNancy Stenson

Adverbs constitute a rather mixed bag of forms that can be used to qualify anything that an adjective doesn’t qualify, that is, anything except a noun. Many qualify verbs, as the name suggests, but they may also qualify adjectives, other adverbs, prepositions, and entire clauses. An example of each of these functions is provided here, with further discussion in the sections that follow. Éiríonn siad go moch. ‘They get up early.’ Tá sé réasúnta fuar. ‘It is reasonably cold.’ Tagann sé minic go leor. ‘He comes pretty often/often enough.’ Bhí sé díreach ar an mbord. ‘It was right on the table.’ Ar an drochuair, bhí timpiste ar an mbóthar. ‘Unfortunately, there was an accident on the road.’