chapter  4
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The campaign for an academic boycott of Israel

ByDavid Hirsh

In medieval times, Christian authorities were often keen to keep Jews isolated from Christians. According to the Livingstone Formulation, the real aim of Zionists when they raise the issue of antisemitism is to close down free speech. In 1904, there was a boycott of Jewish businesses in the city of Limerick in Ireland organized by a Catholic priest, the Rev. Father Creagh. The Limerick Leader warns its readership that their opponents are in the habit of exaggerating any sniff of antisemitism in order to increase the campaign of vilification against the boycotters. The Limerick boycott was organized at the height of the campaign against Jewish immigration into Britain which culminated with the passing of the Aliens Act in 1905. Campaigners for the boycott of South Africa around the world positioned themselves politically as passive responders to the 'call' of the oppressed.