chapter  6
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Ronnie Fraser v UCU

Taking the union to court for antisemitism
ByDavid Hirsh

In October 2012, Ronnie Fraser sued the University and College Union (UCU). He argued that a culture of institutional antisemitism had been created and then maintained by the union; he argued that this constituted antisemitic harassment against him under the meaning of the Equality Act (2010). There was an instructive exchange during the cross-examination of the general secretary of the UCU, Sally Hunt. Anthony Julius took her through a large number of examples of allegedly antisemitic things which had been said or written within union spaces - during Congress, at other meetings and on the UCU activists' email list. An antiracist union has a responsibility to educate against antisemitism and to guard against it. A tribunal has the responsibility to recognize antisemitism when it occurs and to protect those who are bullied by it.