chapter  7
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Discourse and its actualization
ByDavid Hirsh

The term 'antizionist' is used here to denote movements, which coalesce not around criticism of Israeli policy or criticism of racist movements within Israel but rather around common orientation to the existence or legitimacy of the State of Israel itself. This chapter focuses on a form of antizionism which thinks of itself as quite distinct from antisemitism, a form which claims to value highly the distinction between hostility to Zionism or Israel. It also focuses on the hypothesis that antisemitism is a consequence, intended or not, of antizionism. Hostility to the idea, existence and policies of Israel comes from various sources, and it is not the same as hostility to Jews. The demonization of Zionism portrays itself as rational critique and as part of a liberational worldview. Conspiracy theory is a necessary twin of blood libel; if the Jews are murdering children for their religious rituals, then for sure they are conspiring to cover it up.