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Drawing and Painting at the Limits of Art
ByPaul Crowther

Art cannot come to an end, because it satisfies needs of the spirit that will remain whilstsoever the species is embodied. However, it has reached its developmental limits. The most dramatic expression of this is the rise of abstract art—which can, in principle, encompass anything from disguised or semi-figuration to an empty unprimed canvas. The artist who continues to work in the media without worrying about networks may well disadvantage his or her chances of success but, even so, will be doing something of great value. Whatever the meaning they are given through networking, and no matter how inflated the rhetoric of “no more drawing and painting,” they continue to flourish inside and outside the professional artworld. In the Christian religion, humankind is taken to be made in the image of God. The meaning of this is theologically opaque.