chapter  5
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Art’s Eternalization of the Moment

ByPaul Crowther

This chapter argues that there is an experientially necessary connection between imagination and self-consciousness, and that the Moment both links these and plays a decisive role in the experience of temporal order and value in general. It shows how eternalization of the Moment achieved through drawing and painting has a highly distinctive character. When one attends to the relation between whole and parts in the finished phenomenal or imaginatively intended artistic manifold, one deals with a passage from individual contingency and loss to necessity and redemption. With representational artifacts, in contrast, be they visual images, texts, or music, there is, perhaps, always some element of fascination in semantic content’s emergence from a more basic phenomenal form. The unity of a temporally realized art form such as literature, in contrast, requires that the parts of the developing narrative be read in an exactly successive temporal order.