chapter  XII
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Nazru-llah, an offering to God. This consists in preparing stews with bread, distributing it among friends and the poor, giving grain, a sacrificed sheep, and money in alms. Some ,women make sweetmeats and cakes, offer the Fatiha over them, and distribute them to all comers. It is not necessary that the Fatiha should be said in the name of God ; it is sufficient at the time of making the vow to say that the oblation is in the name of God. It is only ignorant people who never dispense with this custom, or eat the food without saying the Fatiha over it. Such sweetmeats are called ' offerings to God, the Merciful' (Allah rahim ki pindian) or merely 'Mercy' (rahm). Some do this in what is called the easy (asan) way by cooking cakes with sugar and fruit and saying the Fatiha over them. Many prepare this ' Mercy ' offering and keep a night vigil with dancing and singing.