chapter  XXV
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THE Baqar 'Id festival, the word meaning the' cow festival', or 'ldu-z-zoha, 'ldu-1-azha, 'ldu-1-qurban, Yaumu-1-nahr, the ' festival of sacrifice ', is held on the day or evening of the ninth of Zu-1-hijja or Zi-1-hijja, tJ;ie twelfth month of the Musalman year. In India it is generally regarded as a substitute for the sacrifice celebrated by pilgrims in the valley of Mina near Mecca. Stew, sweetmeats, and griddle cakes are cooked on the eve ('arafa), as is done at the Shab-i-barat. Fatiha is offered in the name of deceased relations and some keep the fast (nahr) which lasts for a watch and a quarter, the watch (pahar) being three hours, that is till 9.45 a m. On the morning of the tenth they go to the 'ldgah, or place of prayer, repeating the Creed (takbir) all the way thither from their houses, as is done at the Ramazan and 'ldu-1-fitr.