chapter  11
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Structural review of construction

Construction administration is the process by which the design professionals, contractors, owner, and building of‡cial work together to insure the project is constructed in compliance with the construction contract documents and that materials and quality of workmanship meets acceptable industry standards. Each of the members of the team has their own speci‡c role and responsibility, which they bring to the process. Their efforts are coordinated by the lead design professional, usually the architect of the project. Periodic meetings are set to review the progress of construction performed and to coordinate future efforts. The general contractor or the construction manager coordinates and facilitates the onsite meetings. The structural engineer’s key responsibility is the interpretation of structural drawings

and speci‡cations, the establishment of standards of acceptable workmanship in accordance with the adopted building codes, and the site observations of construction, for the purpose of determining whether the work is in general accordance with the construction contract documents. Services of the structural engineer may extend to include in part or all of the following:

• Responding to requests for information that are consistent with the requirements of the structural drawings and speci‡cation (contract documents).