chapter  7
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Variations among 60 Development Methodologies

Over and above the waterfall and Agile methodologies, there are over 60 named software development methodologies and many hybrids that combine elements of two or more methodologies. The software industry does make rational decisions about which methodology to use based on solid empirical data. This chapter explains the rapid rise and fall of methodologies such as Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) and Rapid Application Development (RAD). Of course, if the methodology does not provide any benefits at all, then it will lose out when the next methodology achieves popularity. Popularity and subjective opinions also explain the current popularity of Agile, although in fact it does have some empirical data available as being successful on smaller projects below 1,000 function points and 100 users. Agile is not the optimal choice for large applications in the 10,000 function point size range where RAD and Team Software Process (TSP) have better results.