chapter  1
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The elements of group dynamics

Group dynamics constitute the study of adjustive changes in the group and the change in structure of any part of the group. But in actual fact the term is used much more loosely to cover the study of small groups generally. In fact the Second World War acted as a catalyst to the study of group dynamics. Particularly prominent in the study of group dynamics have been Lewin and his former students Lippitt and White. Foremost in the study of group dynamics has been the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A., and much of the impetus for the study of group dynamics in relation to educational psychology derives from the work of Alvin F. Zander and others. The functioning of any complex society depends upon both casual and institutionalized interaction to a large degree, and inevitably elements of codes, norms and roles enter into such relationships. In such groups relationships tend to be personal and intimate.