chapter  2
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Sociometry in the classroom

Jacob L. Moreno, an emigre Austrian who settled in the U.S.A., is credited with being the first to use the term 'sociometry'. The practice of sociometry is the application of a technique for studying to whom an individual reaches out. One of the more useful aspects of sociometry in the classroom is the way that it can serve to underline, illustrate, or draw attention to the general ethos of the classroom and of its sub-groups. It can make explicit some of the more important and interesting relationships within the classroom as a whole, and it often helps to focus the teacher's attention upon isolates. Amongst older children there are more or less stable patterns of interaction in the classroom. To construct a sociogram one would normally wish to find out whom each child would choose to sit near, play with, or work with. Obviously, other activities could be substituted, but it is better to avoid extremely transitory activities.