chapter  7
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Social orientation and linguistic environment

In 1926 Jean Piaget published the results of his 'clinical observation' of young children, a method of observation which consisted in 'letting the child talk and in noticing the manner in which his thought unfolds itself'. Socialized speech is speech whereby the talker really tries to contact the listener, relates his utterances to the other person's viewpoint and tries to share Piaget meanings. Selected from the existing 'total' vocabulary of the culture the individual's own vocabulary is related to his interests and orientation to the material and social world in which he lives. Bernstein is one of a large number of linguists, sociologists and anthropologists who have related linguistic structure to behaviour. The teacher may in fact be operating on a different linguistic wavelength from the pupils. The determinants of language development and intellect are very closely related to the experience of the child in the early familial environment.