chapter  3
23 Pages

Characterization of Touch Probing System in CMM Machine

BySalah H. R. Ali

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) probe is one of the most important systems of dimensional measuring instruments and responsible for the coordinate measurement accuracy. This chapter considers three parameters affecting the measurement errors. The first parameter is the rotation angle of probe stylus tip; the second one is the stylus tip size as unforeseeable root errors. The third parameter is the speed of the CMM touch trigger probe. These measurements are determined accurately using reference artifact including concavely cylindrical surface. Throughout scanning, all touch probes in the CMM coordinate measurement have natural ball tip errors. The variations of form or waviness measurements for the triggered probes were plotted to predicate the density of the deviations due to the repeatability of measurements. Finally, the chapter theoretically and experimentally proposes a novel method to verify the dynamic characteristics of the probing system in order to improve the quality of CMM measurement accuracy.