chapter  6
27 Pages

Validation Method for CMM Measurement Quality Using Flick Standard

BySalah H. R. Ali

The new validation method including measurement procedures is designed to study the effect of geometric fitting algorithm and probe scanning speed in coordinate measuring machine (CMM) measurement. This plan has been done in two main stages. The first stage is the verification of the CMM probing system. The main stage in the experiments is made to verify the CMM in measurement quality. This second stage based on measure the diameter and roundness of the Flick standard artifact at different strategies in measurement. Dynamic verification of probing system is a very important recommendation task for an acceptance before studying CMM performance accuracy. The chapter shows the average variation of diameter error for different probe scanning speeds using least square fitting algorithm. In coordinate metrology, to measure the cylindrical artifact, the measurement uncertainty mainly results from CMM, measurement environment, and sampling strategies, while the uncertainty influence of sampling strategy has not been considered here due to its complexity.