chapter  9
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Metrology as an Identification Tool for Worn-Out Air-Cooled Diesel Engine

BySalah H. R. Ali

This chapter aims at exploiting the accurate precise measurements of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in exploring and investigating the wear happening between the solid surfaces in contact. Air-cooled diesel engines are commonly used in heavy-duty transport fleet applications due to their high performance, efficiency, and low fuel consumption. The surface contact problems between cylinders and pistons through their rings are vital to the engine performance within the adverse operating conditions of high pressure, temperature rise, and high relative velocity of the contacting surfaces. Dynamic friction force has been produced due to relative motion of piston rings with respect to the cylinder wall under the effect of the resultant force in a spiral like motion. Geometrical and dimensional characteristics of the cylinder bore surface have been measured using a computerized CMM equipped with a contact-scanning probe and a least square (LSQ) computing algorithm.