chapter  17
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Important Storage Fungi and Their Management

WithRanjeet Kumar

The storage structures are limited in microbial species because of good human efforts in order to maintain grain quality. Among the 70,000 described species of fungi, very few are associated with stored grains and seeds. The molds have been accepted in the tropics just as one of the routines. As the moisture content rises above these levels, invasion by storage fungi increases with temperature and time. Storage fungi will grow where moisture is suitable and not according to the average moisture content of the grain mass. Damage grains are more likely to be contaminated with storage fungi going into storage and more likely to be invaded once they are in storage than sound kernels. Foreign material may restrict air movement through the grain mass leading to temperature and moisture problems which may favor storage mold development. Insects and mites may carry fungal spores on their bodies thus introducing storage fungi into the grain mass.