chapter  13
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Registration and Transaction Systems

BySeungwon “Shawn” Lee, Dessislava Boshnakova, Joe Goldblatt

The history of meeting and event management registration systems is one that spans barely fifteen years and yet is fraught with explosive growth. The major issue was the replacement of trust in a physical site to one that is virtual. However, following the economic decline in the meetings and events industry of 2001, there was a need to automate registration procedures due to large numbers of reduction in staff in the meetings and events industry. Once registration is closed and the necessary information has been collected from attendees, the next step is to create custom name badges and mailing labels. Instead of collecting information from attendees and keying that data into another program, online registration system lets attendees enter their own information. Online registration systems can be used to restrict registration by filtering the number of registrants, e-mail addresses, registration codes, or unique IDs assigned to each invitee.