chapter  7
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Virtual Meetings and Events

BySeungwon “Shawn” Lee, Dessislava Boshnakova, Joe Goldblatt

The proverb “Hearing a hundred times is as good as seeing once” can be explained by the media richness theory, which argues that face-to-face communication, a typical synchronous communication, is a rich medium and that it reduces uncertainty as it is a realtime visual communication. Synchronous communication is assumed to be more natural to all parties involved since it resembles face-to-face interaction. Innovative Internet communication technology applications coupled with improved videoconferencing capabilities have led to the proliferation of Virtual Meeting Technology in recent years. Today’s business world is global and needs a medium to connect people around world. Virtual events can reach the global marketplace. Technology tools allow key players to communicate using audio, video, and even chat tools, which shrink the distance between companies and their employees and clients for the most personal attention.