chapter  6
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Cognitive Physics for Swarm Intelligence

This chapter looks at swarm intelligence through cognitive physics. Artificial intelligence has been developing for 60 years. People first focused on individual intelligent behavior, but they are now paying more attention to swarm intelligence, which is difficult for an individual to possess. In the context of cloud computing and big data, Internet-based social networks provide a good carrier for the study of human interactive behavior characteristics and the overall swarm intelligence. Swarm intelligence could expedite a new kind of human calculation model, which is different from past models, including the Turing model. The chapter considers cognitive physical methods to recognize human group behavior and swarm intelligence. It discusses a cloud model to show individual behavior in a group and data field to describe interaction between individuals. The chapter also discusses "applause sounded" as an important carrier to explore emergence of swarm intelligence. In the biological field, swarm intelligence refers to behavioral characteristics of macroscopic intelligence as exhibited by collaborative, gregarious creatures.