chapter  10
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Problems of Compensation and Adjustment

WithBoris Levin

Development of radio engineering and the widespread use of the radio devices in the national economy and in everyday people life led to the problem of protecting living organisms and sensitive instruments from strong electromagnetic fields in the near zone of each transmitting antenna. The protection of living organisms is required, firstly, in the vicinity of powerful transmitting centers and secondly, near mobile equipment in the transmitting mode. The protective action of the compensation method, proposed by M. Bank created by various radiating elements in a certain area. The diverse variants of introducing this principle possess an opportunity to reduce irradiation of user's organism, especially his head, without distorting the antenna pattern in the horizontal plane. The calculation method for a system with two linear radiators is based on the folded dipole theory and on the superposition principle. The problem of finding the electromagnetic field of a linear radiator reduces to calculation of the electrostatic field in a heterogeneous.