chapter  2
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Integral Equation Method

WithBoris Levin

The equation of Leontovich-Levin is the most rigorous variant among integral equations of the theory of thin antennas. Generalizing the Leontovich-Levin equation, one can write similar equations for the currents in the system of several radiators, that is in antenna array. The solution of Leontovich-Levin equation gives in the area of the parallel resonance of the antenna the finite magnitudes of the active and reactive components of the input impedance. The method of electromotive force in contrast to the integral equation gives infinite magnitude of the input impedance. Comparison of the received results with the results of the application of the Moment method shows a good agreement of a form of the curves and components of the input impedance. The only difference is that the curves obtained by the Moment method, have a weak shift of resonances to side the lower frequencies.