chapter  3
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Folded Antennas of Metal Wires

WithBoris Levin

Antennas from the parallel wires, spaced on a distance are widespread side by side with conventional linear radiators. The simplest version of such radiators is the symmetric antenna of two thin wires of the identical diameter, excited in the middle of one of the wires Input impedance of folded radiator with the ground connection of the second wire in contrast to folded radiator with a gap is a parallel connection of the input impedance of the monopole and a short-circuit long line, that is it has a more complex character. However, this option allows transforming an active component of a monopole input impedance. Folded radiators, on whose surface in contrast to metal radiator nonzero boundary conditions are performed, are called impedance folded radiators. The method of calculating an impedance folded radiator, similarly to calculation of a metal folded radiator, is based on the theory of asymmetric lines.