chapter  4
27 Pages

Multi-Folded and Multi-Level Antennas

WithBoris Levin

This chapter discusses the method of analysis of multi-folded antennas and to their input impedance. A multi-folded radiator gives more opportunities in order to obtain useful results in this direction. This radiator is a group of parallel wires connected in pairs at the top and bottom so that there is formed a system of coupled and connected in series elongated loops. The antenna is made as two-tiered and consists of two radiators, which are located one above the other and connected together. The upper radiator is linear, the lower radiator is folded. In the anti-phase mode, the electric field strength in the far region and the directional pattern coincide with the similar characteristics of the conventional linear radiator of a height. Expressions are sufficiently simple and allow determining the influence of antenna geometric dimensions upon the current magnitude in each wire and upon the electrical characteristics of the radiator.