chapter  6
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Synthesis of Directional Radiators

WithBoris Levin

Great reactive currents are associated with high quality and low stability of a system and lead to low efficiency and a narrow bandwidth. Such systems require the use of powerful transmitters. In consequence of these negative characteristics, designing and making super directive antennas of small dimensions become inexpedient. A curvilinear radiator was represented as a set of short dipoles connected in series. The segments forming the short dipoles are not considered to be straight, but selected in the form of the cubic splines. The frequency dependence of these quantities are genuine characteristics of the antenna array, while, for example, the quality factor can be estimated only indirectly. Mounting of capacitive loads in the antenna wire allows to expand the frequency range, in which there is the directed radiation along the bisector of the angular aperture, and to increase the useful signal in this direction.