chapter  7
26 Pages

Method of a Complex Potential for Cylindrical Problems

WithBoris Levin

This chapter focuses on the method of complex potential, firstly, for piecewise homogeneous media and, secondly, for three-dimensional structures. It describes the approximate calculation method for the capacitance between the coaxial cylindrical helixes located in the air. Problem of calculating an electrostatic field is the problem of determining a field strength at all points in accordance with the electric charges of the conducting bodies. This problem may be completely solved if we are to find the potential as a function of the coordinates. Suppositions that the lines of equal potential are circumferences with the center in the origin of coordinates and that the surfaces of equal potential are the surfaces of the circular cylinders are natural. One must note that the circumference coinciding with the boundary of the dielectric cylinder goes not through axes of the round metallic cylinders, but through equivalent infinitely thin straight wires, the fields of which coincide with the fields of the round cylinders.