chapter  9
21 Pages

Principle of Complementarities

WithBoris Levin

This chapter discusses the principle of complementarities. It proceeds from an interconnection between scattering of metallic and slot radiators of the same shape and dimensions. Two complementary structures are two infinite plates, in which metal sections are replaced by slotted sections and vice versa. Two complementary antennas are metal and slotted radiators of identical shape and dimensions. Antenna with rotational symmetry is the most general variant of the self-complementary antennas. It consists of several metal radiators and an equal number of slots. The phantom is a simple model, in which the human body is simulated by a liquid with dielectric permittivity and conductivity equal to their average values for the human tissues at radio frequencies. The phantom is usually constructed as a vessel with thin walls filled with a homogeneous simulation liquid. The signal magnitude in the observation point depends on the capacitance between the transmitting and receiving antennas. The problem of calculating this capacitance has a three-dimensional character.