chapter  11
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Hot Forming of Flat Sheet, Plate, and Extrusion

In the last three chapters, some of the major conventional cold forming technologies for manufacturing various components of airframe structures, mainly with aluminum alloys at sheet, plate, and extrusion products were discussed. Manufacturing complex lightweight aerospace structural high strength metal components is quite challenging. Sheet metal parts of complex geometry and difcult-to-form alloys are sometimes made by hot forming processes using powered presses at elevated temperature. There are several hot forming processes available to produce heat-resistant very high strength-to-weight ratio aerospace components, mainly from titanium sheet, plate, and extrusion products. This chapter introduces an overview of major hot forming processes of at sheet, plate, and extrusion products as illustrated in Figure 11.1. These processes are used for producing a wide variety of components utilized at various locations including engine aft fairing heat shields, tail cone mufer, auxiliary power unit exit, and side of body joint chords of an aircraft.