chapter  3
31 Pages

Statistical Graphics

ByAlbert Vexler, Alan D. Hutson, Xiwei Chen

This chapter introduces graphical statistical methods both as a powerful standalone exploratory data analysis and summary tool to complement and provide visual insight into more complex and formal statistical testing procedures. It focuses on some commonly used statistical graphics displays, such as scatterplots and boxplots, as well as the implementation of probability plotting methods, including quantile–quantile (Q–Q) plots, probability–probability (P–P) plots, and modifications and hybrids of these. The chapter begins with the basic visualization of the raw data. Probability plots and other graphical transforms, stimulated by the probability plotting method, and the use of probability plots are described as informal aids to inference. The chapter reviews some probability plotting techniques, providing insight into the assessment of relative magnitudes, the adequacy of the statistical models, and so forth. Various probability plotting techniques are available based on different orthogonal analyses of variance situations.