chapter  4
Getting Started with FLAME
ByMariam Kiran
Pages 26

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Flexible Large-scale Agent Modeling Environment (FLAME) stands out from other agent-based modeling frameworks, allowing the parallel deployment of the simulations on large parallel computers using Message Passing Interface (MPI). FLAME uses C, XML and interacts with generated files. FLAME executes on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. The list of files required: latest version of the framework, C compiler such as the GNU compiler and Libmboard files for parallelization tailored for all windows, macos and linux users. The Libmboard files help with parallelization of the models. These read the messages during the simulation and create message boards, to efficiently manage messages. Working on various platforms, versions of Libmboard have been created to allow the execution either on Windows, Linux or MacOS platforms. For compiling the simulation program on Mac/Linux users, the Libmboard folder needs to be documented with the Xparser global file.