chapter  9
FLAME’s Future
ByMariam Kiran
Pages 36

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The Flexible Large-scale Agent Modeling Environment (FLAME) GPU version shares similar principles as FLAME, such as using an XML specification language as initial description of the models. However, agent functions are written in C++, and interface with CUDA libraries so that they are processed on the local graphics card. Working with the graphics processing unit and CUDA libraries, FLAME GPU comes with built-in tags, which can be used to draw Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to help control the simulation and interact it with in real-time. The Concoursia simulation system provides very rapid simulations, faster than real-time and can be used for active management, planning new developments and alterations to existing facilities. Active management applications of Concoursia can involve the integration of suitable sensor technology to feed into the system, such as Wifi, CCTV and more. The Concoursia system can provide the basis for active safe management of these spaces and greatly improve customer satisfaction.