chapter  4
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Modelling Transport Systems—II

Influence of New Technologies on Performances
WithMilan Janić

This chapter deals with modelling the influence, i.e. effects/impacts, of new and innovative technologies and related operations on the performances of transport systems. Generally speaking, the size and payload capacity of the freight transport vehicles operated by various transport modes such as road, rail, air, sea and intermodal and serving a variety of supply chains, have increased over time. The objective is to develop a methodology consisting of particular analytical models of performances of the given supply chain(s) served by various freight transport vehicles, including mega freight vehicles. The rates of collection and distribution of goods/freight shipments are set up in light of the service schedule of various inland transport modes serving the ports at both ends of the chain. The runway system capacity of many airports worldwide has reached the saturation point due to continuously growing air transport demand on the one hand and imposing of different constraints in providing adequate capacity to handle such demand, on the other.