chapter  5
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Modelling Transport Systems—III

WithMilan Janić

This chapter deals with modelling the resilience of transport systems affected by disruptive events. The transport cost implies the cost of the physical movement of the goods/freight shipments from the manufacturer to the retailer/consumer. The results from the models are obtained by investigating the sensitivity of the network cost performance to changes in the type of transport network used, the frequency of orders of goods/freight shipments and the intensity of the impact and duration of a disruptive event. The results show that under regular operating conditions, the average cost per goods/freight shipment decreases more than proportionally at both transport modes with increase in the order/delivery frequency. The resilience of an air transport network is defined as its ability to withstand and stay operational at the required level of safety during the impact of a given disruptive event. The large-scale disruption of a given air transport network implies that its current operations substantially deviate from the planned ones.