chapter  7
104 Pages

Evaluation of Transport Systems Methodology & Cases

WithMilan Janić

Policy/decision-makers worldwide dealing with decisions on implementing solutions for satisfying the growing demand for transporting passengers and goods/freight shipments regularly confront the problem of choosing the best among several alternatives. Research dealing with the selection of a new hub facility has always been closely interrelated to the problem of development and operation of hub-and-spoke transport networks. An airport system consists of a few airports serving large volumes of commercial air-transport demand generated and attracted by a large metropolitan area. The European Commission transport policy provides an institutional framework for development of the freight transport sector which is expected to serve the growing demand on the one hand while at the same time mitigating its impacts on the environment and society, on the other, in the forthcoming decades. The former has generally considered corridors as linear spatial structures with bulk of all kinds of infrastructure and policies integrating transport, infrastructure, the economy, urbanization and environmental developments.