chapter  23
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The intent of the book has been to provide an overview of the emerging field of pediatric integrative medicine and to help the reader better understand which areas are supported by stronger research and where more data is needed. The field has significant potential to improve the quality of preventive health in children, an urgent priority given the serious diseases reaching down into ever-younger age groups with significant emotional and financial costs. Clinician self-care was added to reinforce emerging research that demonstrates how the health of the clinician impacts the health and wellbeing of their patient. Burnout has reached epidemic proportions in clinicians worldwide and must be addressed in a coordinated fashion that involves the individual, the organization, and the overarching culture of medicine. Integrative medicine provides a useful blueprint to craft a way forward, building on the unexpected blend of neuroscience and ancient meditation techniques that can help clinicians develop more skillful approaches to the daily stressors involved in authentic and caring patient interactions.