chapter  6
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A High-Level Overview of the IT Roadmap Formulation Process

ByTiffany Pham, David K. Pham, Andrew T. Pham, Mitchell Fox, Larry Rothstein, Michael Weiner, Emily Simoness, Kiran Rijhsinghani

In this chapter, the authors show that the different steps in the process of creating and aligning the IT roadmap, whether in support of a for-profit or non-profit organization's business strategy. On the business side, this means identifying the enterprise business architecture, that is, the business goals, business processes, and team structure. On the IT side, this means identifying the enterprise IT application architecture, the enterprise IT data architecture, and the enterprise IT infrastructure architecture. By laying the IT needs derived from the new business directions over the IT artifacts and identifying the resulting gaps, the authors able to derive the new business processes, applications, data, and infrastructure needed to create the new IT roadmap. In short, the time to attempt to identify gaps in enterprise business processes, in enterprise IT application architecture, in enterprise IT data architecture, and in enterprise IT infrastructure architecture.