chapter  7
45 Pages

More on the IT Roadmap Formulation Process

ByTiffany Pham, David K. Pham, Andrew T. Pham, Mitchell Fox, Larry Rothstein, Michael Weiner, Emily Simoness, Kiran Rijhsinghani

In this chapter, the authors show the granular details behind the formulation process of an IT roadmap, examine the different detailed steps that need to be carried out. Metrics, meanwhile, are the measurements by which the authors determine whether business goals have been reached. There are two types of business processes: functional business processes and enterprise business processes. Once the business processes have been studied, or in parallel with the study of the business process, the next, or other, step is to take a snapshot of the enterprise's IT application architecture. When working on the enterprise business architecture, the authors suggest that emphasis on the customer-facing and supplier/partner-facing processes in order to bring the most value to customers or constituents. In the same way that there are two types of business processes, there are also two types of enterprise business processes: customer-facing enterprise business processes and supplier-facing enterprise business processes.