chapter  10
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Change Management

ByTiffany Pham, David K. Pham, Andrew T. Pham, Mitchell Fox, Larry Rothstein, Michael Weiner, Emily Simoness, Kiran Rijhsinghani

This chapter presents tting up a plan that will help manage the changes that come with the creation and execution of a business strategy and Information Technology (IT) roadmap. Developing a business strategy and IT roadmap is something that can create both excitement and anxiety within an organization's ranks. The resulting effort and change that come with it will impact everyone within the organization for a long time to come. Naturally, top management must also take all of the necessary precautions to ease the concerns that may arise along with the excitement, managing expectations to ensure that employees are not disappointed if the effort unintentionally falls through after the first few weeks of excitement. Once the future team structure is decided, along with all of the supporting responsibilities, top management, should formally let everyone know of the decision and explain why it will be best for the organization's new business strategy or social mission.