chapter  11
12 Pages

Strategy Is Execution

ByTiffany Pham, David K. Pham, Andrew T. Pham, Mitchell Fox, Larry Rothstein, Michael Weiner, Emily Simoness, Kiran Rijhsinghani

This chapter introduces Information Technology (IT) roadmap execution, describes how to get organized as well as how and what to review for the execution of IT roadmap. Having a business strategy is undoubtedly a good first step, but truly, anyone can come up with a business strategy or IT roadmap so long as he or she does not have to execute it. The Business and IT Governance Board is the committee at the enterprise level that, under the Chief Executive Officer's direction, is responsible for reviewing and approving the IT roadmap with regards to the organization's business strategy. While the Board and the IT Steering Committee may be the same in small organizations, they should be some distinctive groups in larger organizations. In addition to reviewing the IT roadmap's budget and action items' progress during the IT roadmap execution period, make sure that organization also reviews the situation of the business and financial goals during the timeframe.