chapter  4
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An Introduction to Business Strategy and IT Alignment

ByTiffany Pham, David K. Pham, Andrew T. Pham, Mitchell Fox, Larry Rothstein, Michael Weiner, Emily Simoness, Kiran Rijhsinghani

In this chapter, the authors show why reasons are untenable and reveal how they can leverage an IT concept called enterprise architecture (EA) to build a bridge between the business and IT worlds, in order to create a more business strategy-driven IT roadmap. There are a plethora of reasons why such a misalignment is unacceptable, but some of the reasons particularly stand out. The reasons are the organization lacks opportunities to use the same money spent on IT on something else instead, the organization may fail, due to the lack of effectiveness of IT and the IT department. While there may be several definitions of EA, the authors consider it to be a set of artifacts and processes used to translate an organization's business strategy into an IT roadmap; this will help make the organization's business strategy happen, especially if it is properly executed.