chapter  2
65 Pages

One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction Heat Transfer

WithRandall F. Barron, Gregory F. Nellis

This chapter examines some special conduction heat transfer problems that are important in cryogenic applications. The governing equation for conduction heat transfer is referred to as the temperature field equation and is derived by applying the Fourier rate equation to a thermal energy balance. Several conduction problems in cryogenic heat transfer can be solved by using a one-dimensional model; these include the heat transfer through support rods in a cryogenic fluid storage vessel and heat transfer through spacers in a small Dewar. The temperature distribution for a one-dimensional steady-state conduction heat transfer problem may be obtained from the heat transfer rate. The equations that describe many heat transfer phenomena are analogous to Ohm’s law, and there is a clear analogy between heat transfer and charge transfer. Heat transfer rate is analogous to current flow and temperature difference is analogous to voltage difference.