chapter  1
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Systematically Managing Hazards in the Workplace

A Framework for Hazard Identification and Control
ByBarry Spurlock

This chapter focuses on the ability to manage the hazard identification and control processes. It provides more detailed information concerning risk assessment on assessing hazards. To describe a physical hazard, it may be instructive to first explain what a physical hazard is not. Physical hazards are in a large, distinct category of workplace hazards primarily involving sources of harm that exclude biological agents or chemicals. Chemical hazards affect the body in a variety of routes of entry: inhalation, absorption, ingestion, and injection. Risk is an expression that quantifies the probability a negative outcome will occur as a result of a hazard and the potential severity or impact of the negative outcome should it occur. Anticipating and identifying hazards is a prerequisite to effectively analyzing hazards and prescribing the means by which they can be controlled. Performing hazard identification and control activities can, and frequently do, occur on an ad hoc basis.