chapter  6
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Electrical Hazards

ByBarry Spurlock

One of the most significant hazards presenting significant risk of fatal or catastrophic consequences is exposure to electricity. This chapter addresses several potential electrical hazards, as well as general safeguards. An electrical safety program without proper enforcement will most likely not meet its potential; therefore, it is recommended that a strong enforcement policy be included with this program. Electricity should be handled with care and all appropriate precautions taken at all times. Electricity, or any energy source, cannot tell the difference between individuals or equipment. Employers will conduct training sessions for employees so they will know proper, safe procedures. All employees should be properly trained and wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times when working with or around electricity. The lack of control of hazardous energy in the industrial workplace is responsible for approximately 10 percent of all serious accidents and a substantial percentage of fatalities in the workplace every year.